How can I change statutory health insurance?

    Every person with statutory health insurance can change their health insurance company and every health insurance company that operates in your federal state must accept you – regardless of your age or state of health. When you change health insurance, you can do one thing above all: save money – there are savings of several hundred euros per year. How to change your health insurance easily:

    Before you change your health insurance, you should compare the existing insurance with other insurance offers on the market. If you have discovered a better offer, you must contact your old insurance provider for statutory health insurance. To do this, you must observe the applicable notice periods. The notice period is usually included in statutory health insurance two months to the end of the monthevery statutory health insurance company usually also has one Minimum contract term of 18 months.

    Caution: If you have taken out an optional tariff, you should note the individual notice periods. If your health insurance company changes the costs or conditions, you often have a special right of termination. Here, too, a notice period of two months normally applies.

    It is best to write a written notice of cancellation and include your insurance number. Be sure to have your cancellation confirmed. You are on the particularly safe side if you send the cancellation by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt. If you’re canceling because of a premium increase or additional premium, you should state this reason in your cancellation.

    It won’t be long now, because your old health insurance company has to issue you with a cancellation confirmation within 14 days. that lays Article 175 paragraph 4 in the Social Security Code (V).

    It is even easier to conclude a contract with the new health insurance company. It is sufficient if you fill out a membership application for statutory health insurance. Most health insurance companies now make this application available online. So that you can fill in the information quickly, you should have your social security number and the address of your current employer ready. Last but not least, you must submit the cancellation confirmation from your old health insurance company to the new health insurance company.