Statement on VAR records from Mondihome Kayserispor Club President Ali Çamlı!

Kayserispor President Ali Çamlı, in his statement, stated that it does not make sense for the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) to share VAR (Video Assistant Referee) records with the public.

Stating that the announcement of VAR records will not affect the match results, Çamlı said, “When the records are announced, we will only see how the referee interprets the positions in question. We will hear his explanation of why he decided in that direction. What will this change?” said.

Çamlı emphasized that more training should be provided for referees and better referees should be trained rather than the disclosure of VAR records.


Stating that criticisms towards referees should be constructive but often cross the line, Çamlı continued as follows:

“Oğuzhan Çakır, who directed our RAMS Başakşehir match, is a brilliant referee. I hope they will be good referees. He made a big mistake against us in this match, but let’s not lynch our referee for a mistake. Even if we had left this match with a draw due to the unfair penalty decision stolen at the last minute I would make the same sentences. There is no death at the end of the match. These mistakes can happen. The referees are not our enemies. They neither know us nor we know them. I think the referees steal what they see. I do not believe that a referee would deliberately decide against any team. Why would he do such a thing? “Does he have animosity towards my city? Also, don’t the referees know that a mistake they make will have a negative impact on their bottom line the next week? I may criticize the referees from time to time, but my criticisms are not to offend them, but to make them better. We continue these leagues with our own children, our own brothers.” “We will make it happen.”


Giving examples from European leagues regarding referee decisions, Çamlı said, “Recently, I watched a penalty position that was not given in England. If a penalty was not given for that position in Turkey, they would lynch the referee. They did not even object. Let’s not criticize our own children. Those who criticize the referees are Europeans.” “They should also follow the referees in Turkey. There may be times when they are right, but let’s evaluate the events calmly.” he said.


Çamlı said that there was no intention in the fact that most of the matches played by Kayserispor this season fell on weekdays.

Underlining that they have to comply with the program made by TFF, Çamlı said:

“TFF is making some plans due to the tight period. Within the framework of this planning, some matches are scheduled during the week. An idea like ‘Let’s schedule Kayserispor’s matches during the week’ cannot and cannot happen. I say this to TFF officials from time to time. It happened like this. Here it is. I’m not looking for ulterior motives. I don’t want the perception that Kayserispor was deliberately chosen in this regard. There is no choice but to comply with TFF’s program. It would be better if we focus on football in the league now. Tension is of no benefit to anyone. Public figures need to be more careful in their speeches and messages . (Referees) I do not think that a deliberate mistake was made. Mistake is human. I can make mistakes too. The referee can also make mistakes. TFF management can also make mistakes. As club presidents, are we doing everything right while managing this place? We are managing the club with a lot of mistakes. This Therefore, it is useful to look at the issues with empathy.