Statement of the day | Toilets in shops and catering establishments must be accessible to shoppers

Pressure on the bladder should not be a reason not to go shopping, they believe in Stadskanaal and Musselkanaal. That is why several businesses ‘open’ their toilets to shoppers. Should that be the default?

For entrepreneur Mirjam Koerts it is clear as day: everyone is welcome and that also means that you can go to the toilet. “We stand for hospitality.” Even if you are not a customer at her croissanterie l’Europe. In fact, when Koerts, like other entrepreneurs, received a call from the municipality of Stadskanaal to open their toilet to everyone, she intervened rigorously.

But that is not standard. According to Ivo Thonon of the Toilet Alliance, people are often turned away when they ask to go to the toilet. This is more often the case among women (57 percent) than among men (43 percent). . “Many municipalities do not think about it,” Thonon continues. While an accessible location of lighting ensures that visitors are more likely to come to a center and stay longer, he reasons.

Should toilets in shops and catering establishments be accessible to shoppers as standard? Let us know and participate in the Statement of the Day.