Statement of the day | The employee must be able to determine when to work from home

The ‘work where you want’ law gives employees more freedom to determine where they do their work. An employer may no longer simply refuse a request to work from home. The law was passed last year, but still needs to be approved by the Senate.

Where an employer could simply say ‘no’ before, that is no longer possible. If you indicate that you want to work at home or at another place, your employer can only refuse this if there is a valid reason for doing so.

Points such as safety, a good workplace and cooperation within the team are taken into account when choosing the employer. In addition, you can only make such an application if you work at least 26 hours a week. The company must also employ at least 10 people, otherwise the kite will not fly.

What do you think, is it up to the employee to determine where they work? Or determined by the employer? Comment below on the statement of the day: