Statement of the day | Regional transport must be owned by the government again so that prices can be lowered

Transport poverty is increasing further: transport is in danger of becoming unaffordable for more and more households, according to a TNO report.

A large proportion of households that can barely afford to travel by car or public transport live in the Northeast of the country. Costs for public transport and diesel/petrol are increasing for them, while they cannot invest in sustainable options such as an electric car.

This is partly due to the high excise tax that the government applies to encourage people to drive electric. This leaves a group of people with low incomes and high transport costs stuck. Regional transport is increasingly disappearing, also because profit has to be made, leaving them at the mercy of expensive car journeys.

What do you think? Should the government take charge of regional transport again, so that bus lines continue to exist and costs can be kept low, as TNO states? Or is this not the solution and, for example, should electric driving be made cheaper? Let us know by responding to the statement of the day: