The founder of the clothing brand Patagonia has given the company away to a non-profit organization. He wants all profits from now on to be used for the fight against climate change.

    Clothes are often not produced sustainably, far too many good clothes are thrown away because they are out of fashion. More and more young designers are aware of this. They turn old garments into new fashion. And more and more brands are moving towards biologically responsible substances or sustainable production processes.

    But everything stands or falls with the purchasing behavior of the consumer. Environmentally friendly clothing is often more expensive than less responsibly produced fashion. We have not even mentioned another aspect in the clothing industry, child labor and poor working conditions. If you take this into account when purchasing clothing, you also pay more.

    Do you leave beautiful, but environmentally unfriendly produced trousers hanging? Would you rather buy a very expensive jacket from Patagonia because the profits go to a good cause or do you choose a cheaper brand where only the management of the company gets richer? Give your opinion on our statement.