Statement of the day | Groningen Airport Eelde must manifest itself as the alternative to Schiphol

The House of Representatives wants Lelystad Airport to definitely not be used for commercial air traffic. Does this offer opportunities for Groningen Airport Eelde?

Lelystad Airport was designated years ago as a backup for Schiphol. Holiday flights would eventually have to divert to the airport in the Flevopolder, which underwent a major and expensive renovation. This intervention was intended to give Schiphol the opportunity to concentrate on its role as an international aviation hub.

The House of Representatives has now put a stop to this. To the sadness of the province of Flevoland. A spokesperson points out that holiday flights to Lelystad Airport would create many jobs for people from the area and provide an economic boost for the province.

What does the House decision mean for Groningen Airport Eelde? Should that now present itself as the alternative to Schiphol? Or do the same objections regarding climate, public health and nature apply to this region as to Flevoland?

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