Statement about Yam Madar from Beşiktaş! – Last minute Beşiktaş news

Beşiktaş Emlakjet made a statement about the injury of yellow-dark blue player Yam Madar as a result of foreign objects thrown onto the field of play in the match played against Fenerbahçe Beko.

The statement made by the club is as follows:

Our Beşiktaş Emlakjet team, which won the derby match played last night in the Türkiye Sigorta Basketball Super League, made our Club and community happy.

The atmosphere created by more than 15,000 fans at Sinan Erdem Sports Hall once again showed the passion of Beşiktaş fans for sports and their team and was appreciated by everyone.

In the first half of the match, field events that we would never approve of occurred and as a result, a foreign object hit the opposing team player.

This situation is unacceptable to us and is a behavior we never approve of. We extend our condolences to Yam Madar, who was unfortunately injured.

However, the following points should not be ignored:

The branch manager of the opposing team came to the infield seats reserved for them as a courtesy, wearing his own team jersey, contrary to the instructions, and attracted the attention of our fans.

Subsequently, in the moments when our team gained the momentum and opened the gap from the field, he tried to provoke our fans by objecting to the referees in an exaggerated manner and caused undesirable events to occur.

The rival team manager’s provocative behavior towards our fans, when he should have set an example, caused his own athlete to be injured.

It is a shame for the certain person to try to overshadow the success of our black and white team and to pursue small games, and it is a shame for the community he represents.

We would like to point out once again that these events are not behaviors that we approve of.

In order for Turkish sports to develop and set an example, we call on the authorities to impose the necessary penalties on those who cause these events that we do not approve of.