Stadskanaal municipal council holds emergency debate on crisis reception of asylum seekers

The Stadskanaal municipal council will hold an emergency debate on Monday evening about the crisis reception of asylum seekers in the municipality.

In the debate, the council would like to call on other municipalities to also contribute to relieving the overcrowded registration center in Ter Apel.

All parties in the council want to debate the shelter on Monday, Mayor Klaas Sloots writes in the announcement of the meeting.

‘The emergency debate has been requested to call on all Dutch municipalities to take responsibility for relieving the persistent dire situation in Ter Apel and to take responsibility for contributing to the humane care of asylum seekers’, says Sloots.

The temporary night shelter in Stadskanaal opened on Thursday evening. The heated tents can accommodate two hundred people. Another hundred shelter places became available in a student complex in the city of Groningen on Friday.