At 41 in the Laver Cup before retiring. Gene Gnocchi made an ironic portrait of this extraordinary champion, while Paolo Bertoluci chose his ten iconic races. In this issue there is also space for Boulaye Dia and Paola Egonu, as well as a portrait of Rien Schuurhuis, the first cyclist competing in the World Championship with the colors of the Vatican

    For twenty years he was the god of tennis, perhaps the strongest player ever. His age (41) and a knee that no longer gives him respite convinced him to retire. This weekend he will play his last tournament – the Laver Cup, a sort of exhibition with the best in the world – of a fantastic career, studded with 20 Slam tournaments won, then he will hang his racket on the fateful nail. Roger Federer was much more than a great tennis player: for talent, personality and elegance he can rightfully be included among the timeless myths of sport.


    For this reason it was inevitable that he was the cover character of Sportweek on newsstands on Saturday, as always attached to the Gazzetta dello Sport at the total price of 2 euros. We retraced the successes and happiest moments of the Swiss career, then entrusting the celebration of the champion to one of his exceptional fans, Gene Gnocchi: a memory and a portrait in the style of the Emilian showman came out. A former racket champion like Paolo Bertolucci, on the other hand, chose Federer’s 10 most beautiful and memorable matches for us, from the round of 16 at Wimbledon 2001 to the final of Wimbledon in 2017.


    After the large space dedicated to King Roger, our magazine offers an interview with Boulaye Dia, the new forward of Salernitana, protagonist with 3 consecutive goals and 2 assists in the first 5 days of the championship he played, and another with Paola Egonu, star of the women’s national volleyball team who is about to face the World Cup in the hope of replicating the success of the males. Following, a portrait of Rien Schuurhuis, the first cyclist to run a World Championship with the colors of the Vatican, and the story of Audi’s 90 years of sporting success. To close, our usual columns dedicated to fashion and fashion.