Sports alert, here are the goals to be achieved by 2050

Presented in Rome, in the second forum organized by The European House Ambrosetti, the “Vision 2050 – Italia in Movimento” roadmap developed by the Valore Sport Observatory

Elisabetta Esposito

– Rome

Starting again from sport to improve Italians and therefore Italy. This is the theme at the center of the presentation of the “Vision 2050 – Italia in Movimento” roadmap developed by the Valore Sport Observatory and presented at the Olympic stadium in Rome on the occasion of the second forum organized by The European House Ambrosetti. These are the objectives by 2050: halve the current share of sedentary people and reach 78% of the active population; triple the current share of active children; increase the number of sports facilities per capita by 30% until it reaches the average of European countries and equip all schools with a gym (today 6 out of 10 school buildings do not have one); modernize/redevelop 5% per year of the current sports facilities (including school facilities).

the cones

Coni president Giovanni Malagò was also present: “The data is merciless, in Europe we are among the last places, we pay for an infrastructure that is sensational. A good part of what we do today we should do in schools, which is the stone guesthouse We need a Marshall plan, it is essential, which starts right from the school. Who can intervene? Only the government.”

the government

And from the government there was the Minister for Sport Andrea Abodi: “The numbers represent a photograph that gives an direction. If 60% of schools do not have a gym, 94.5% of adolescents do not practice sporting activities according to the criteria of the WHO, if corporate welfare does not include the presence of sport, it is clear that the government agenda must intervene. We need to increasingly enhance the celebration of victories, but also to promote the social value of psychophysical well-being. the reinstatement of sport on the political agenda. The PNRR has allocated 0.45% to sport, around 300 million. If we make a comparison between what would be needed and what the PNRR has given, we are light years apart. If there isn’t the culture of movement we can build all the gyms in the world, but it will be of little use. As much as I appreciate the vision for 2050 and the fact that we must not settle for a time that is still distant, I hope that the effects will be measurable in a closer horizon “.

sports and health

Sport and Health number one Marco Mezzaroma added: “There is still a lot of work to do, but things are improving. We must continue to invest heavily in promotion, then in schools and infrastructure. Then there is also a theme of costs, because playing sport has an important impact on families and we must think from that perspective too.”

zanetti and inter

Inter vice-president Javier Zanetti, who has always been committed to spreading football especially in the poorest areas of the world, also spoke at the meeting via video link: “Playing sport is fundamental, as is all children being able to play it. Then it’s up to we give a positive message. At Inter we have found inclusion, a sense of belonging, a family. And everyone does their part to help. In today’s football, this friendship and this desire to do something for those in need is fundamental. I thank the Italian people for what you do: in December we delivered gifts to the kids. We build many projects to give children a better future. What you learn in sport you find in life.”