Spezia, Semplici: “We deserve salvation, we are serene and confident”

Leonardo Semplici, coach of Spezia, speaks in the press conference two days before the playoff against Hellas Verona, scheduled for Sunday 11 June at the Mapei Stadium in Reggio Emilia: all the statements.

Leonardo Semplici, coach of Spezia, awaits and prepares Reggio Emilia’s safety playoff, scheduled for Sunday evening against Verona. Here are his first statements in the press conference: “We are preparing to play the most important match of the year, for us and for the championship since there has never been a decisive match. For the absent there is a long page but we have to focus on who is there. In every match we have played we have shown that we have great performances. Whoever enters is always ready and on our part there is maximum confidence for the final ninety minutes to try and bring home the result we deserve. We have prepared it well with the right serenity. Nervous energies this week were important to know how to manage. With the staff, we tried to leave the boys calm to better prepare them for the game. Gyasi and Amian out by disqualification? This week we evaluated the two situations with the formations used in my fifteen games. We’ll see what will be the best choice for the module, which allows us to put the opponent in difficulty. Salva Ferrer is a highly professional boy, he has always shown himself to be ready and there is maximum trust in him, as in everyone”.

The Tuscan coach spoke about Gyasi and Amian’s replacements: “We have several players who can fill Amian’s position, one is Salva Ferrer, then there are midfielders but I don’t want to reveal the formation. We will evaluate carefully, this week has been particular also for this aspect. Amian wasn’t in Lecce and Gyasi played, now Gyasi isn’t either. This match resets the values ​​and what the championship matches have been. It’s a game that will be played on episodes, we’ll have to have maximum concentration and attention, with the awareness that we can make the game our own. It will be the aspect of concentration that we must have for ninety minutes that will be important to ensure that the boys do the right things. Even in the starting line-up there are many aspects to think about, both in the ninety minutes and in the possibility of penalties”.