The purchase had been in the air for some time but materialized in the past few hours.

    Macia kept his promise. Joao Moutinho is a player of Spezia. The purchase had been in the air for some time but materialized in the past few hours. The Portuguese, whose contract with Orlando City is about to expire, will be immediately available after the medical tests and the clearance which will anticipate his joining the squad available to Gotti since his retirement in Spain.


    Namesake of the Wolverhampton playmaker, the left winger was born in 1998: Spezia chose him for his characteristics that make him a Reca deputy. The agreement provides for a contract until June 2025 with the approval of Gotti who speaking to the microphones of Sky Sports commented positively on the conclusion of the deal. “The operation is completed, all we need is the endorsement of FIFA. The boy has played as a back-back left winger in recent years and has always been very disengaged. I think he has the right qualities to adapt quickly to Serie A”.


    A choice, that of Moutinho, which adheres perfectly to the ideas and philosophy of the company. Spezia does not want to leave any stone unturned in the race for salvation thanks to a ranking that is already rosy. prefers to invest in young people without relying on loans. Macia, in this sense, had been very clear. He wants players who have a spirit of identity, who contribute to the growth of the sporting project.


    The sporting director, as reported by citadelspice some time ago, had left no room for interpretation. “I don’t like loans, we need players who give their all for this club and not give up just because they are owned by another team. And I have no intention of waiting for January 31st for other operations.” Macia believes that Gotti must have the time and the way to work with the new grafts without wasting any more time. In this sense, negotiations with Porto Alegre are well underway for the arrival of Cardoso, an American identified as another prop in the squad available to the coach.