Speed ​​devil turns out to be a fugitive Pole with a long list of criminal offences

A Polish man injured himself when he drove along the N201 in Aalsmeer at 116 kilometers per hour early last week. Officers caught the speed devil when they stood along the road with a laser gun. It soon became apparent that he had a long list of criminal offenses to his name in his home country.

The motorist, who drove with a Dutch license plate, was arrested at 5 a.m. on Burgemeester Brouwerweg/N201 in Aalsmeer. It involved a hefty speeding violation of 32 kilometers per hour on the 80-kilometer road.

When the driver could not show a driver’s license, the case turned out to be fishy. Officers checked his ID and saw that he is wanted for criminal offenses in his home country. “A whole laundry list,” the police wrote on Facebook. The police cannot say exactly what kind of violations this concerns. “We cannot find that out here in the Netherlands,” a spokesperson said.


The man was arrested and handed over to Poland shortly afterwards. The Dutch Public Prosecution Service (OM) will also rule on the fine imposed for the hefty speeding violation.