Speechmakers presenter Ghislaine Plag leaves KRO-NCRV | Show

Ghislaine Plag will leave KRO-NCRV on January 1, 2024. Until then, she will Speech makers present the well-known morning program of the broadcaster. Plag is ready for ‘the well-known new challenge’, as she puts it. “I have no idea what yet, but brainstorming about new ideas and the thought that everything will be open from next year is already creating a nice tension and energy,” she says.

Ghislaine Plag started at KRO-NCRV in 2006 on the popular NPO Radio 5 program Public Square. She also presented journalistic television programs, among other things Around 10, Network and Debate on 2. Since January 2018, Ghislaine has presented the NPO Radio 1 program Spraakmakers. “Although I can hardly imagine a life without Spraakmakers, I am looking forward to a new adventure. Six years ago I set up Spraakmakers with the editorial staff and since then it has developed into a permanent fixture on NPO Radio 1, with great involved guests and active listeners. I am extremely proud of that. For me it is a good time to challenge myself again.”

The broadcaster will soon announce who will succeed Ghislaine Plag Speech makers. “In total, I was able to create wonderful programs at KRO-NCRV for almost eighteen years. And especially with the elections approaching, I will continue to enjoy the wonderful guests and conversations in Spraakmakers together with a fantastic team of colleagues in the coming months.”

Media director Sandra Hilster of KRO-NCRV about Ghislaine’s departure: “Ghislaine has been a fixture in the morning for hundreds of thousands of listeners on NPO Radio 1 for nine years. She is always genuinely interested in her guests and curious about the background of the news of the day. Partly on her initiative, the Minister of Solutions is present Speech makers was created, which aims to offer solutions and alternatives to issues in our current society, such as the social position and mental well-being of MBO students. I would like to thank Ghislaine very much for her many years of enthusiastic involvement with Spraakmakers and wish her all the best outside KRO-NCRV.”

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