Spectator attacks Lautern striker – shock in Rostock

The “Red Devils” clearly win in the basement clash. But an upset overshadowed the game in Rostock. The focus: A “fan” of the hosts.

Three goals made it 3-0, giving the struggling 1. FC Kaiserslautern some breathing room in the relegation battle: FCK striker Ragnar Ache was the outstanding man for the “Red Devils” in the win over rivals Hansa Rostock on Saturday. But: Ache’s third goal and the entire game were overshadowed by an unpleasant scene – there was a real shocking moment in the Ostseestadion.

The 76th minute in Rostock: Ache scores the final score for the Palatinate with his third goal, runs to the left corner flag, celebrates in front of the curve and lets his teammates cheer him on. But in the middle of it all, suddenly a person dressed entirely in black appears to want to attack the 25-year-old. A “fan” of Hansa Rostock had made it through the stewards onto the lawn and apparently wanted to use violence to express his displeasure.

Unrest immediately arises, players from both teams push the chaotic person off the field, security forces intervene and lead the person off the field. A short time later, the Rostock stadium announcer was asked by referee Florian Badstübner to announce to the spectators that a new incident would have consequences.

Even so, the club from the Baltic Sea will probably not be able to avoid punishment for the misconduct of its fans. On Saturday evening, the police announced that charges of trespassing and attempted bodily harm would be filed against the “fan”. The Rostock Criminal Investigation Department will now conduct further investigations.

Meanwhile, Rostock remain second to last in the league with just 22 points and are in acute relegation trouble. There should now be optimism among the Lauter team: Thanks to Ache’s 10th, 11th and 12th goals this season, coach Friedhelm Funkel’s team, with currently 25 points, is now at least three points ahead of a direct relegation zone.