S.u TikTok trends fly fast. So, for some time now, it is now quite normal to come across videos of users speaking “in italics”.

    But what exactly is it about?

    A trend that has already infected many young people

    The “cursive speech” is a reality that has been present for months on the youngest social network. But also in schools and in the habits of the little ones.

    Recently, however, this trend has come to the attention of adults. He did it, above all, thanks to the creator Elisa Esposito.

    The 19-year-old Milanese girl is very influential on TikTok (788.4k followers) but also on Instagram (269 thousand). Already during the lockdown, Esposito began to publish clips in which he imitated the way of speaking of many Milanese girls.

    A sort of chant that is now a trend for all to see.

    A few days ago Elisa Esposito (who in her bio defines herself as the “unique and inimitable pröf by tiktok») Was also a guest at Propaganda Live, where he reinterpreted a monologue by Giorgia Meloni in Spanish in italics. A moment much appreciated by the conductor Zoro. And that he has definitively consecrated the popularity of the trend.

    “He’s a character: in real life I don’t talk like that”

    In an interview with FQ Magazinethe tiktoker explained: “Many parents write to me saying that the children are starting to speak cursive. But I have specified, in fact, that joke. That’s a character. In real life I don’t talk like that“.

    And he also confessed that, in his opinion, some artists sing (albeit involuntarily) in italics: Giorgia (In You bring me up) but also Blanco, Saint John And Tha Supreme.