Spalletti, seen Chiesa, Politano and Mancini? Injured against Italy, scoring against clubs

All three left the Italian training camp due to physical problems (the Napoli centre-back and winger were injured against Macedonia). This weekend they scored in Serie A

Not even time to return home before the three blues scored immediately. In a weekend full of goals, from Roma’s 7-0 against Empoli to the 4-2 of Frosinone-Sassuolo, there are three rings that stand out more than the others, namely those of Federico Chiesa, Gianluca Mancini and Matteo Politano.


In fact, all three left the national team retreat due to physical problems. Mancini and Politano were replaced during the match against North Macedonia which ended 1-1, while Chiesa did not take part in either match. On 8 September he stopped due to an adductor problem and returned to Turin the same day. However, on Saturday, when the championship resumed, he scored immediately against Lazio, drawing applause and approval from Allegri. Here is the first goal.

left-handed and politan

The second is by Politano. The former Inter player scored a goal off the top of his hat against Genoa, volleying the ball past Martinez. After the first half played in Skopje, the winger did not take part in the match against Ukraine due to a calf strain (Orsolini replaced him). Al Ferraris, introduced at the start of the second half in place of Elmas, was immediately a protagonist. The same goes for Mancini, who scored in Roma’s 7-0 win against Empoli. The center back, recovering from an adductor problem, gave the last of seven slaps to the Tuscans. Mourinho immediately started him, as Allegri did with Chiesa. Premise: all three rightly took advantage of the break to get back into shape, but as luck would have it, a goal came from each of them. Spalletti takes notes. To reach the European Championship without going through the playoffs, they will also be needed.