Spaceman on Netflix: film plot, cast, review, Adam Sandler

Ppresented at the last Berlinale, Spaceman is available since yesterday on Netflix. The new film by Johan Renck – author of the beautiful series Chernobyl – has as its protagonist Adam Sandler in the role of an astronaut on a solitary mission. A dramatic and mature role in which, thanks to a talking spider-alien, he ponders the mistakes he has made and the possibility of saving his marriage with the beautiful Lenka (Carey Mulligan). An apparently “comical” plot but in reality reflects on the meaning of life and the importance of affections.

“Maker of Tears”, the trailer for the Netflix film based on the book by Erin Doom

Spacemanthe plot of the Netflix film

Jakub Procházka (Adam Sandler) is a brilliant astrophysicistorphaned as a child and raised by his grandparents in the countryside of the Czech Republic. One day he has the chance to finally realize his dream, which is to float in space. Man indeed he was chosen to be his nation’s first astronaut – a solo mission that will take him for approx eight months near Venus, in search of an ancient and mysterious intergalactic dust.

For Jakub the mission is also the opportunity to make peace with the traumas of the past. But there is a price to pay, to see his life fall apart. His wife Lenka (Carey Mulligan) is in fact no longer willing to be neglected because of her husband’s great ambitions.

Alone in the middle of space, one day the man sees a giant alien spider inside the spacecraft (dubbed in the original version by Paul Dano) with whom he begins to talk about life, love and philosophy. Jakub is not sure whether the spider, which is called Hanuš, is real or just a figment of his imagination. In conversation with him he retraces his past, from the tragic death of his parents to his childhood with his grandparents, to meeting Lenka, and questioning his entire life and forgetting about the space mission.

Adam Sandler and Carey Mulligan in “Spaceman”. (Netflix)

Philosophy, time and solitude

Spaceman It is based on the novel The cosmonaut by Jaroslav Kalfa. A book that mixes with skill philosophy and science fiction, having fun hybridizing genres. In the wake of modern sci-fi, as Moon by Duncan Jones or To Astra by James Gray, too Spaceman aligns with the contemporary trend where the enemy is no longer the “Martian” but the man, the astronaut himself. In this case Jakub.

The filmover two hours long, it takes time and space For allow the viewer to reflect on loneliness, time, guilt and human relationships. Using the trick of talking spidersimilar to many monsters “of the mind” of David Cronenberg’s cinema, the director thus creates a little jewel of minimalist science fiction which tends more towards poetry than special effect.

Much of the value depends on Adam Sandler’s performance, a performance entirely in subtraction filmed discreetly. And that, together with Rough diamondscontinues to free Sandler from the mask of just a comedian. Carey Mulligan is also good and measured (in the top five for Best Actress at the 2024 Oscars for Master).

A “second” career for Adam Sandler

Exploded at Saturday Night LiveAdam Sandler has been for years one of the most loved faces of American comedy, even zany ones. Where it breaks through to box office with titles like 50 times the first kiss And Big Daddy – A special dad.

Multiple Razzie Awards nomineeSandler has managed to in recent years completely overturn the perception of the public but above all of the critics. Slowly abandoning pure comedy for indulge in dramatic films and not an easy success at the box office. First with Reign Over Me by Mike Bender, then with the Safdie brothers who direct it in the 2019 Netflix film Rough diamonds. In the role of the Jewish jeweler Howard Ratner Sandler wins his first Golden Globe nomination, and finally the respect of the professionals.

In the next future, Sandler will return to collaborate with the Safdies in an as yet untitled film, it seems to be the sequel to Rough diamondsalongside rapper Megan Thee Stallion. Then it will be the turn of new film by Noah Baumbachalso still untitled, where the actor will be co-starring with George Clooney.