Source: Lauri Markkanen made a giant deal!

Markkanen returned to the parquet in his new shoes.

Lauri Markkanen effectively returned to Jazz’s lineup. Stock photo. AOP / USA TODAY SPORTS

Lauri Markkanen returned to the NBA floor and immediately led the Utah Jazz to victory. Three weeks had passed since the previous game due to an injury.

Nevertheless, the Finnish star was in shock.

The home team Jazz beat the New York Knicks 117–113. Markkanen played 24 minutes and finished with 23 points and eight rebounds.

Before the start of the match, X reported big news. Among other things, a journalist who writes for ESPN and follows the world of basketball shoes Nick DePaula toldthat Markkanen has signed an extension contract with Nike.

According to DePaula, the contract is multi-year. Shoe deals are the most significant contracts for NBA players right after the NBA contract. Nike took Markkanen to their team in the Finn’s debut season in 2017.

Markkanen arrived for the return match in his new Nike GT Hustle PE shoes. The texts “LM23” and “Finnisher” were added to both shoes.

“Another donk”

The “Finnish finisher” presented his skills and shouted the home audience with his performances.

Jazz’s fan account was glowing on X.

– Nothing amazing, but another donk from Markkanes, Jazz Lead wrote in connection with the wonderful donk renewal.

The throws also sank nicely into the sock.

Markkanen succeeded in seven out of 13 attempts at game situations. Three-point shots were hit with a balance of 4/8. At the free throw line, he missed twice out of seven attempts.

– Jazz games are so much nicer to watch when Markkanen is fit, Jazz Lead continued of his glow in connection with the video.

The Knicks, stuck in the Eastern Conference playoff spot, came close at the end, but couldn’t catch up.

This season, the Jazz have won eight games and lost 16. That leaves them in 12th place in the West.