Sophie Hilbrand has addressed the lack of knowledge among the candidates of the current De Slimste Mens season in her talk show. “Then you think: don’t you know Pieter Omtzigt?!”

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    Viewing figure gun De Slimste Mens sees its scores slowly declining and it wouldn’t surprise TV expert Tina Nijkamp if that is because of the poorly performing candidates this season. Angela de Jong went over that again: she lashed out mercilessly at all those ‘stupid’ celebrities in her AD column yesterday.

    ‘How is this possible?!’

    Angela’s influence proves itself once again: the level of the candidates of De Slimste Mens was a topic in both Khalid & Sophie and Op1 yesterday. Especially the three candidates of Tuesday, Camiel Meiresonne, Guido Spek and Quinty Misiedjan, had to suffer. For example, they did not even know who Pieter Omtzigt is.

    Sophie to her viewers: “In recent weeks, there has been more to do about the lack of knowledge, all the more so because De Slimste Mens sometimes asks a question in which the public generally thinks: how could they not know that.”

    ‘Bit lame’

    Then Sophie starts the fragment in which the Smartest trio cannot come up with the names of all kinds of well-known Pieters. “It’s a bit silly to show this again, but okay: 2.2 million people have already seen this.”

    Table guest Anita Witzier: “I knew all these Pieters, yes.”

    Sophie: “Do you think, like: huh, Pieter Omtzigt? It has really been everywhere.”

    Fellow guest Sander Lantinga: “Yes, yes, yes, but well, of course you also read the reviews and the columns. From: are the smart candidates gone then?”


    Anita jokingly to Sander: “Do we hear Angela de Jong?”

    Sander: “That is suggested, yes!”

    Military historian Christ Klep: “I saw this episode and I can imagine that if you are nervous, you will beat to death.”

    Anita: “I think it’s really different when you’re there. I don’t dare, because then I’ll slam shut. It’s not that complicated on the couch.”


    Political journalist Thomas van Groningen in Op1 in the evening: “I had to chuckle a bit at that column. I have to say that I also noticed this season that a lot of people didn’t know things, but if you’ve been there… Those lights and stuff; it also does something to you.”

    And Stefano Keizers: “The program has also become more and more a career maker. Without De Slimste Mens I would never have been here. I think people are afraid of: what if I don’t come across as nice enough?”