Solution in the making for water ballet at the Holtingerveld intersection

Up to your ankles in water through flooded paths on the Holtingerveld. It will not sound strange to walkers and cyclists in the nature reserve, but this will soon change.

The province of Drenthe is working on the development plan for the Havelterberg and wants to immediately include the problems on the adjacent Holtingerveld. According to the province, to improve nature in this area it is necessary to retain water for longer. For this reason, Staatsbosbeheer has filled in the ditches around the infamous intersection. It was not anticipated that the recreational paths would be flooded during the winter months.

The province has approached landscape architect Prolander to take care of the design of the Havelterberg, and thus the adjacent intersection. “We are already busy investigating the area,” says project leader Alex Schuiling. “We hope to present a plan during the course of the year and perhaps we can even start work this year.”

Schuiling indicates that it would take a lot of time and money to make the intersection ‘water-free’. “The best solution is to see where the paths can run. This is a place where a lot of water collects.”

In the spring, the province will organize a meeting for interested parties and local residents about the development plan for the Havelterberg, including the flooded intersection.