After the German failure at the World Cup in Qatar, national soccer coach Hansi Flick has ruled out resigning.

    From his side there is no reason not to continue, he said on ARD and added: “I enjoy it, we have good players who will follow, it won’t be up to me.”

    However, Flick announced a “prompt analysis”: “Anyone who knows me knows that we will work it out very quickly.” But now is not the right moment “to talk about EURO 2024”. It’s now about “pushing things in the right direction”. He is very critical, also to himself. That will “flow into the analysis”.

    The 57-year-old also admitted: “My disappointment is huge, we have to process that first.” His team had enough chances for a higher success against Costa Rica.

    “It wasn’t decided today, it was 20 minutes against Japan,” said Flick, looking at the 1-2 at the start of the World Cup. “We weren’t efficient in this tournament,” admitted Flick.

    The entire interview with Hansi Flick:

    “Mr. Flick. What’s the mood like in the locker room after losing the World Cup in the first round?”

    Hansi Flick (57, national coach): “As everyone can imagine, the disappointment is huge. We’ve done our duty, of course we can’t be satisfied.”

    “Are you more disappointed with your team or with the lack of support from the Spaniards?”

    “I never look at other teams. It’s up to us. It’s our own fault and we have to take care of ourselves. We had enough chances, also against Japan and Spain. We weren’t efficient in this tournament and that’s why we were eliminated .”

    “How did you see your team’s game today?”

    “We failed to get a clear result in the first half. We had enough chances to score a lot of goals. With a 3-0 or 4-0 we would have put the pressure on the other game. We didn’t Then we made the opponent strong through negligence and individual mistakes. I was really angry at half-time.”

    “How are things going with you now?”

    “From my side there’s no reason not to continue. I’m enjoying it, we have good players coming up, it won’t be my fault. Anyone who knows me knows that we’ll work things out very quickly. Then we’ll see what happens the future brings.”

    “Does that mean failure with a view to the home EM 2024?”

    “It’s not the right time to talk about the EURO after the game. The mood in Germany wasn’t good before either. It’s about pushing things in the right direction. We’ll do that very promptly.”

    “What are you accusing yourself of?”

    “That’s something that we discuss internally in our analysis. I’m always someone who is very critical. That will feed into the analysis.”

    “You wanted to lead the team back to the top of the world. Where is German football?”

    “We have players who play for top clubs. We have quality. We’ve been talking about nines, strong full-backs for years. We need the basics in training. There are good players for the future. But it’s very important in the next ten years that we are now taking the right steps”.