Carlos Jara and Nicolás Haser, how did you carry out the Dental Clinic and how is it made up?

    We met in the first year of the Dentistry School (UNNE Faculty of Dentistry- Corrientes Arg.), we were fellow students and we graduated together the same day.

    When we started our profession, we went our separate ways, but always with the clear objective of being able to have our clinic together one day, it was a dream at that time, but without wanting to, that “dream” became real in a very short time. After a year and a half of working, we were able to open our first office together, which we shared half a day each. But just six months after this, the demand for patients that we had led us to have to move to a larger place, in this new space and each one with their own office. It was quite an achievement for us, we stayed there for a few years, until that place “outgrew” us, because we began to give training sessions for colleagues, and that led us to look for a new, larger and more comfortable space.

    Currently, after much work and care, we have a Dental Clinic, with four offices, one of them with four dental units, which we use for the training courses we give. In total we have six dental units, a spacious waiting room with all the comforts for our patients, a photography room, a sterilization room and a dental laboratory.

    What services do you provide in this discipline?

    We mainly specialize in Aesthetics, we do Smile Design with Dental Veneers, state-of-the-art Orthodontics with Aligners that are created from Digital Design to its final preparation by us, and Orofacial Harmonization (treatments such as Botox, Fillers with Hyaluronic Acid, Biostimulators of collagen, among others).

    What is your greatest achievement as a professional?

    In just 6 years of professional career, having managed to create our own brand of Dental Aligners and being able to train in an international Facial Aesthetics Specialty in Brazil.

    How is the brand positioned?

    Our “brand” comes from our last names: “Jara&Haser” which with a lot of effort, dedication, continuous training and above all love for what we do, is establishing itself in our beloved province of Misiones and surroundings.

    What are the challenges ahead?

    Our objective is to continue training ourselves in everything we like to do, improve day by day and thus be able to provide an excellent service to patients in the province of Misiones and the entire northeast region of Argentina and neighboring countries that want to choose us.

    Contact information:

    Cell: +54 3764 760538

    Instagram: jarahaserodontology

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