• 52


    There’s a lot of momentum in the encounter now. FCK got the upper hand through the goal, while Lower Saxony are also unimpressed and are struggling to stay in control.

  • 49


    Julian Niehues

    Tooor for 1. FC Kaiserslautern, 1:1 by Julian Niehues

    The Red Devils equalize to make it 1-1 in the course of a corner kick and are back in the game. Zuck’s dead ball comes to Tomiak at the first post, who heads it to the second post. There, Niehues very marginally creates space against Tresoldi, screws himself up and heaves the ball into the mesh from five meters intolerably for Zieler. The flag then goes up on the sidelines, but the referee immediately waves it away and scores the goal.

  • 46


    The ball rolls again in the Heinz von Heiden Arena, where both teams return to the pitch unchanged. No bills. Go on.

  • 46


    Kick-off 2nd half

  • 45


    Mid-term conclusion:
    Hannover leads 1-0 against Kaiserslautern at the break, which is okay considering the game shares. The Reds started more committed and with more effort towards the goal, while the Red Devils hardly ever got over the center line, especially in the first quarter of an hour, and acted too hectically in the build-up game. It was Derrick Köhn who scored the only goal of the evening with a wonderful solo that made FCK keeper Andreas Luthe look extremely bad. So far, the guests have not been able to really recover from it. Lower Saxony then had the better chances in a match that wasn’t too promising. However, one should not write off the Palatinate, who have been able to score points eight times so far this season after falling behind.

  • 45


    End of 1st half

  • 45


    Official stoppage time (minutes): 1

  • 45


    Zuck brings a corner from the right dangerously to the first post, where Kraus heads into the center. There’s just nobody standing there, so even this stationary ball doesn’t pose any danger.

  • 44


    With a bit of luck in dribbling, Zimmer leaves two opponents standing and then serves Opoku. Again, however, it was not possible to get through against the well-positioned back team of the Hanoverians. The Reds show why they have the best home defense in the 2nd Bundesliga.

  • 42


    The Lower Saxony work out another corner. Köhn pulls the ball away from the goal, but before it can become dangerous at the second post, the referee whistles: the ball was already out of bounds. The standards of the Reds are extremely expandable.

  • 38


    Köhn negligently clears an accidental Lautrer cross with a head into the feet of Opoku, who can shoot freely from 13 meters but only Köhn shoots. The ball bounces to the corner, which then brings nothing further.

  • 37


    Fabian Kunze

    Yellow card for Fabian Kunze (Hannover 96)

    After winning the ball, Boris Tomiak has space on the left wing and picks up the pace. Before things get dangerous, Fabian Kunze unpacks the scythe. Clear yellow card.

  • 36


    Tresoldi gets the ball in the opposing third with aggressive counter-pressing and immediately serves the free Besuschkov, who makes a stick mistake in a promising position and can no longer hold the ball when two Red Devils attack him.

  • 33


    Hannover gets a free kick from a good 38 meters in the middle. Derrick Köhn and Max Besuschkow are ready. The second then chips the ball up in front of the goal, where Andreas Luthe has no trouble plucking the ball safely out of the air.

  • 30


    After an attack from the left, the ball lands in the center of Teuchert, who breaks away from Bormuth and shoots from 18 meters. He hits the ball with his right hand, which rushes past the right post by a hair’s breadth. Lucky for the Palatinate.

  • 28


    On the other side, too, Max Besuschkow tries it from the second row. The hard right-footed shot is blocked by the well-positioned FCK defensive.

  • 26


    The Red Devils are struggling to find an answer, but defensively Hannover has done almost nothing so far. The Lower Saxony nip all advances of the promoted in the bud early on and also block all passing stations, so that FCK is only able to try from a distance again and again. That poses few problems for Lower Saxony.

  • 23


    Zuck has space in the center and therefore tries it directly from 22 meters. However, the tight shot from the left goes over the goal of the Hanoverians. Kick off 96.

  • 20


    Due to the deficit, the Palatinate now have to do a little more for the game, but at the moment they are not really finding their way out of their passivity. Meanwhile, the ball is going really well for the Lower Saxony.

  • 17


    Derrick Kohn

    Tooor for Hannover 96, 1-0 by Derrick Köhn

    Köhn gets the ball in the opposing third and just starts a crazy solo, which is rewarded with a lot of help from FCK keeper Luthe with the 1-0. The 23-year-old picks up speed in the penalty area, dances out two opponents and then takes a sharp, flat shot from an acute angle with all the power he has in his left foot. Luthe is basically right in the short corner and is also on it, but ultimately puts the tight shot into the net himself.

  • 15


    FCK can hardly get beyond the center line and act too hectically in the build-up game after winning the ball. Defensively, however, the Red Devils have not let anything burn so far.

  • 12.


    Muroya serves Nielsen at the first post, but Tomiak’s direct shot is blocked from the next corner. This time Besushkov takes the corner away from Tor to the first post. But Tomiak jumps the highest there and can clear again.

  • 9.


    Neumann initiates an attack while dribbling at speed, but Nielsen’s finish is only blocked for a corner. Köhn grabs the ball, but finds no buyer with the corner ball drawn towards the goal from the right. Bormuth clarifies.

  • 6.


    Nielsen extends a throw-in from Muroya into the opposing box on suspicion with the back of his head. But Kraus is there in front of Tresoldi and can clarify.

  • 3.


    The first conclusion of the game belongs to the Red Devils. Boyd’s shot from long range, however, goes well past the 96’s box.

  • 1.


    The ball is rolling in Hanover. The hosts will wear their usual red shirts over black shorts. The guests from the Palatinate wear dark blue jerseys over white trousers. Here we go.

  • 1.


    game start

  • 20:06

    Both teams have faced each other 48 times in a competitive match. The Red Devils won 2-1 at home against Lower Saxony in the first leg of the first matchday. Overall, however, the 96 lead the direct comparison with 22 wins (seven draws, 19 defeats). The 2-1 defeat in the Palatinate was also the only defeat of the Reds in the last seven duels (five wins, one draw). Since March 2004, Hannover have not lost to FCK in their own stadium.

  • 20:00

    Most recently, on November 11, 2022, FCK won 2-1 away at Fortuna Düsseldorf in their last competitive game. Coach Dirk Schuster changes five positions compared to this game: Kraus, Opoku, Zuck, Hanslik and Niehues play for Ritter, Schad, Durm (all three bankers), Çiftçi (on loan to Göztepe) and Wunderlich (switched to Viktoria Köln).

  • 19:54

    The World Cup break came at the worst possible time for 1. FC Kaiserslautern. The Red Devils took 13 out of a possible 15 points from the last five league games before the season was suspended after seven games without a win, making them the team of the hour. The big question tonight is whether the Palatinate were able to maintain their momentum over the eleven-week break. So far, the promoted team has remained completely unbeaten in eight league games in the second division (four wins, four draws).

  • 19:48

    The Hanoverians said goodbye to the long winter break with a 1-1 draw at Holstein Kiel. Compared to the last competitive game to date, the starting line-up of the Reds has changed to three positions: Phil Neumann, Luka Krajnc and Nicolo Tresoldi are starting today for Bright Arrey-Mbi, Jannik Dehm and Maximilian Beier (all three benches).

  • 19:42

    Hannover 96 has so far been able to convince above all in the local Heinz von Heiden Arena. In front of their own fans, the Reds only lost one of their eight league games (five wins, two draws). With just six goals conceded, the Lower Saxony also have the best home defense in the entire 2nd Bundesliga.

  • 19:36

    It’s not just a duel between two multiple German champions, but also between two table neighbors who could still get involved in the promotion race. The Hanoverians scored 28 points in the first half of the season. The climber from the Palatinate even went into the winter break with 29 points.

  • 19:30

    Good evening and welcome from the Heinz von Heiden Arena. Hannover 96 is hosting 1. FC Kaiserslautern today at 8:30 p.m. as part of the 18th matchday of the 2nd Bundesliga.

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