G.iorgia Meloni in the crosshairs of criticism. Again and by everyone. A few days before the political elections, the leader of the Brothers of Italy is challenged by those who do not share her program and her political vision. The last, in chronological order, is the English singer Skin than on Instagram she expressed her concern for the one who could become the next Prime Minister. Not only. Giorgia Meloni has also attracted the attention of the foreign press, in particular the German one.

    Skin against Giorgia Meloni on Instagram

    It saddens me to see my beloved Italy sinking into fascism for the first time since World War II»: This is how Skin’s Instagram post begins. Skunk singer Anansie shared a photo of the Brothers of Italy leader introducing her to her followers and explaining why she fears her victory in the September 25th election. “This is Giorgia Meloni who could become the next Italian Prime Minister, his party descends from Benito Mussolini and demonizes refugees and illegal immigrants“.

    The problem of racism

    After all, Skin knows Italy well. In 2015 she was a judge of X Factor and his group has been very successful in our country. Hence the desire to express his opinion also on the elections and on the programs of the various parties. Especially that of the right: «Same old agenda as the fascist / racist right. Blacks and people of color have no power in Italy, but they are blamed for all that the Italian elite continually ruin ”he added on Instagram.

    The most dangerous woman in Europe

    The words addressed to Giorgia Meloni by the German weekly Stern are even harsher. Who, dedicating the cover to Italian politics, defines it “the most dangerous woman in Europe“. “The postfascist Giorgia Meloni can win the elections in Italy with the help of Putin’s friends, this would have extreme consequences for us »reads the Instagram post presenting the new issue of the magazine. What worries the German press, therefore, is in particular the leader’s friendship with Salvini and Berlusconi and the latter’s closeness to Putin. Not only. In the report dedicated to the candidate premier, concern was also expressed for the right to abortion and for families defined as “unnatural”. Enough to label Giorgia Meloni as “blond poison“.

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    All against Giorgia Meloni

    Not just Skin. There are many stars who have lined up against Giorgia Meloni in the last period. From Chiara Ferragni who expressed concern in particular for the right to abortion, to singer Giorgia. “I’m Giorgia too, but I don’t break” she said on Instagram referring to the slogan of politics: “I’m Giorgia, I’m a woman, I’m a mother, I’m a Christian.” It’s still, the singer Levante who dedicated a long Instagram post to Meloni on the very same slogan. Sentencing: «Fortunately, nothing of the above resembles my way of living and relating to others. But since I am a woman, I am a mother and I try to be a human worthy of being such, I would like to report a precise thought by Elly Schlein (vice president of the Emilia-Romagna region and candidate of the Democratic Party in Bologna, ed): “There is a lot of difference between female leadership and feminist leadership“”. And Schlein herself commented: “We won’t do anything with a female leader if she doesn’t fight for the rights of all other women, starting with those over her own body!”