Ski jumping live ticker: Lahti HS 130 individual in the live ticker


Maksim Bartolj (SLO)

Maksim Bartolj was able to deliver a good jump in the qualification, but now things aren’t going as well for him either and he’s having a lot of trouble at the exit! Bartolj messes up the timing at the take-off table, which means the skis come way too fast and he doesn’t get into the flying position correctly. After 117 meters it’s over.


Felix Trunz (SUI)

Felix Trunz

Felix Trunz is facing only his second individual World Cup today and has to wait a long time on the beam before his coach Rune Velta can give up. Accordingly, there may be a lack of excitement for the young Swiss, who make a big mistake in the flight phase and then land after just 108.5 meters.


Casey Larson (USA)

Casey Larson

While his young teammates have taken a big step forward this season, Casey Larson is still having a harder time. With 116 meters and a botched landing, it will probably be a long road for him towards the final.


Henri Kavilo (FIN)

Henri Kavilo

It is prepared for the competition in Lahti. The first round will be opened by Henri Kavilo from the Finnish national group. He opens with 108 meters, which certainly won’t be enough for the final.


How are the Swiss doing?

The Swiss have also had to struggle enormously recently. Only Gregor Deschwanden could ensure solid results here. Killian Peier, Felix Trunz and Yanick Wasser made it into the competition, but will probably find it difficult to reach the points.

3:46 p.m

The team from Germany

The German team is led by Andreas Wellinger, who, after finishing 13th in the qualification, has to improve in the competition if he wants to be at the forefront. Philipp Raimund, Pius Paschke, Constantin Schmid, Karl Geiger and Stephan Leyhe also jumped behind their actual performance potential.

3:40 p.m

What kind of power does it take?

Stefan Kraft has had an incredibly difficult time on the ski jump in Lahti. After the Austrian surprisingly dropped out of the individual in the first round on Friday and thus made the overall World Cup exciting again, there were no big jumps on Saturday either. But his teammates Jan Hörl and Daniel Tschofenig could make for big jumps. The team is completed by Michael Hayböck, Manuel Fettner and junior world champion Stephan Embacher.

3:35 p.m

Who is ahead?

As is well known, Lahti often has its own rules and so it is difficult to name a big favorite for today. None of the top 3 on Friday showed strong jumps in the team competition yesterday. The best of them was Andreas Wellinger, who would only have ended up in eighth place if the individual jumps had been added up. After their performance yesterday, the Norwegians certainly have to be taken into account. Aleksander Zniszczoł from Poland will be hoping that there will finally be two strong jumps.


Ski jumpers graduate

After the ski jumpers in Lahti have already completed an individual competition on Friday and a team competition on Saturday evening, their competition weekend comes to an end today with another individual competition. The first athlete should go over the jump at 4:00 p.m.


Hello and welcome to the men’s individual jumping from Lahti! The live ticker starts in time before the jumping starts.