Ski jumping in Oslo: Schmid jumps onto the podium at the wind lottery on Holmenkollen

As of: March 9, 2024 6:31 p.m

The women’s ski jumping World Cup in Oslo was ended after just one round due to strong winds. As with the men before, strong gusts on Saturday (March 9th, 2024) repeatedly caused interruptions. Katharina Schmid showed a strong jump and landed on the podium. The World Cup leader was hit particularly hard.

Katharina Schmid secured second place in the World Cup, which was shortened to just one round, at the legendary Holmenkollen in Oslo with a jump of 121.5 meters. Better than the record world champion at the first competition was “Raw Air Tour” only Silje Opseth from Norway. The local hero jumped six meters further, but also had significantly better conditions. She was 3.3 points ahead of Schmid. Eirin Maria Kvandal (123 meters) came third in the wind lottery Norwegian.

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Prevc has to wait almost half an hour

The capricious winds hit World Cup leader Nika Prevc particularly hard. The Slovenian was the last jumper on the jump and had to wait what felt like an eternity. After ten minutes in the cold wind, she was allowed to warm up again in the waiting room, and the jury called for a five-minute break in order to at least finish the first round. At this point it was already clear that there would be no second jump. But even after that, she had to keep waiting and waiting and waiting. After 25 minutes of sitting up and down, taking off the skis and putting them on, the time had finally come. With 123 meters she showed a great jump for these conditions, which was ultimately enough for sixth place.

“It’s strange when you just wait for one more thing to really know. It was a turbulent competition, I did really well, my jump was great and I’m very, very satisfied.”said Schmid while Prevc was standing on the jump. Oslo’s second place was her fourth podium finish this winter.

Freitag, Rupprecht and Seyfarth also get World Cup points

In addition to Schmid, five other athletes were represented from a German perspective. Selina Freitag had to make slight corrections in her jump, but didn’t get over 111.5 meters. That was only enough for 16th place. Anna Rupprecht was 21st after a jump of 109.5 meters, Juliane Seyfarth 106 meters was enough for 25th place.

If there had been a second round, Luisa Görlich and Agnes Reisch would have only remained spectators. Görlich reached 96.5 meters (36th place), Reisch landed at 99 meters (38th).

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What is the Raw Air Tour?

This tour has existed since the 2016/17 season and shortly before the season finale in Planica, the athletes determine their best at three different sized facilities (Oslo, Trondheim and Vikersund). The ski jumpers have to complete 16 jumps in ten days and in addition to the evaluation rounds, the qualifications are also taken into account. In addition to World Cup points, the winner will receive 40,000 euros at the end. Last year Halvor Egner Granerud won the tour series.

Raw Air Tour of the ski jumpers
Start timeCompetition menCompetition womenLocation


Individual men, qualification HS 134

Individual women, qualification HS 134



Individual men HS 134

Individual women HS 134



11.30 a.m.: Men’s Individual, Qualification HS 134

2.20 p.m.: Individual men HS 134

1 p.m.: Individual women, qualification HS 134

5 p.m.: Individual women HS 134



4 p.m.: Individual men HS 105

11 a.m.: Individual women, qualification HS 105

6 p.m.: Individual women HS 105



4 p.m.: Individual men HS 138

11 a.m.: Individual women, qualification HS 138

6:00 p.m.: Women’s Individual HS 138



4.30 p.m.: Individual men’s qualification HS 240



4 p.m.: Individual men HS 240

10 a.m.: Individual women’s HS 240


March 17th

3.30 p.m.: Individual men HS 240

10 a.m.: Individual women’s HS 240