Skating suit Irene Schouten yields more than 10,000 euros for Giro 555

A signed skating suit of the West Frisian skater Irene Schouten has been auctioned for 10,431 euros. The entire amount will go to Giro 555, which collects money to provide aid in Ukraine.

Schouten had a very good skating year. The highlight was the three gold medals, and one bronze, at the Beijing Olympics. This makes her the most successful Dutch athlete at one Olympic Games.

But it didn’t stop there. That’s how she won it World Cup all-roundand last weekend the 3,000 meters at the World Cup final in Heerenveen. She gave up the suit in which she became world champion for the auction. And that yielded just over 10,000 euros. It is unknown who became the new owner.