Sixth month in a row, more than 15 percent of trains delayed or canceled | Domestic

If you only take into account the delays, the punctuality of domestic trains in February was 88.2 percent (compared to 86.2 percent in February 2023). This means that approximately 12 percent of the trains were delayed by at least 6 minutes upon arrival in Brussels or at the terminal station.

If the more than 4,200 canceled trains are taken into account, the punctuality drops to 83.8 percent for February. A year earlier, when more than 6,000 trains had been cancelled, this was 82.4 percent. In August 2023, punctuality including cancellations was still close to 90 percent, but since then it has always been below 85 percent.

More than three quarters of the delays and cancellations are due to railway company NMBS or ‘third parties’, such as track runners and accidents at level crossings. For example, on February 20, rail runners at the Gent-Sint-Pieters station led to more than 3,800 minutes of delays and 68 canceled trains, one of the incidents with the greatest impact in February.

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