The month of August is a month of celebration for RTECH COMPUTACIÓN. It has been six years since Héctor Riva founded the computer company, in which personalized attention and customer service are priority number one.

    – What do you remember about that day in August when RTECH COMPUTACIÓN began to take shape?

    It was 2016 and it was the day I began to take my first steps to create this small business, in which I put all my knowledge and experience in the field. My priority is still the clients, the same as it was that first day.

    – Have you always been connected to computers?

    Since I was 14 years old and today I am 36. When I was a teenager I began to venture into the world of computing and technology and something that was born as a hobby in 2000 ended up becoming my main source of income.

    – What characterizes the human group that integrates the company?

    RTECH is a family business, which I started alone and, thanks to our clients, has been growing and incorporating more staff, generally family or friends. This is how it became the income of more than one family. We are a very united group, committed to what we do every day, we work to continue growing and giving the best to everyone.

    – What services does RTECH COMPUTACIÓN offer?

    We are dedicated to the personalized assembly of PCs for all types of clients: gamers, office equipment, home office equipment. We also update equipment that has become old with the advancement of technology, leaving it optimal for current needs.

    – They work with all brands?

    Yes, we work with the most recognized brands in the gamer world and we always adapt to the client’s budget. In addition, all our products have our advice to obtain the best performance, they are delivered in a sealed box, we grant an invoice and an official guarantee.

    – What is the best option you are offering?

    Today, the kits that give us the most results -because they widely cover current needs such as work, design and gaming-, are the kits with an integrated motherboard, which have evolved enormously. And they are the classic price / benefit combo, no doubt.

    WhatsApp: 011 1526401924

    Mail: [email protected]

    IG: @rtechcomputacion

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