Six years in prison demanded for man who killed woman with dozens of stabs

The public prosecutor demands six years in prison with TBS and compulsory treatment against ES from Den Helder. The now 65-year-old man is suspected of having killed his 58-year-old wife on the night of September 5, 2020 with dozens of stabbings.

The man of Turkish origin, who speaks limited Dutch, is said to have stabbed the victim 29 times. There were also sixteen cuts. The deepest wound was 23 centimeters deep. An argument, one of many, is said to have preceded the stabbing. Something would have snapped at S. when she had said something to him. However, he does not admit that he stabbed his wife to death. He did say he was sorry to the judge. “I loved that woman.”

S.’s stepson found his mother in a large pool of blood the morning after the stabbing. He declared to his stepfather today, as did the daughter of the accused S. “Daddy, you showed me a monster that I used to fear. You still hurt me, even when you are not there. I hope that you will be punished for a very long time, so that I never have to be afraid again.”

The pre-trial detention is deducted from the sentence. The requirement is lower than expected, because the suspect is declared less responsible. That is apparent today in the court in Alkmaar.

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