Sivasspor’s target is the UEFA Conference League! – Last minute Sivasspor news

Gökhan Karagöl, Press Spokesperson of EMS Yapı Sivasspor, one of the Trendyol Super League teams, said that the target of the red-white team is the UEFA European Conference League.

Karagöl, at the press conference he held at BG Grup 4 Eylül Stadium, gave information about the economic structure of the club and explained that they took over the club with some debt.

Stating that they paid off this debt until the transfer season, Karagöl stated that they prepared a new transfer budget with the appointment of coach Bülent Uygun.

Stating that Sivasspor Club has no debt to any institution or person, Karagöl said, “Sivasspor’s debt is 1 month of football player salary payment. If you consider the economic difficulties of Turkish football, Sivasspor management is probably doing a near perfect job.” said.

Karagöl also evaluated the players who came and went during the interim transfer period and emphasized that the management and technical staff spent a lot of time on this issue.

Stating that they have already started the transfer studies for the next season, Karagöl said that negotiations with some players are continuing.

Giving information about the transfer policy, Karagöl said, “We are pursuing a transfer policy where people who are not over a certain age, are ambitious, will work for Sivasspor, and from here on, both themselves and our club win.” he said.


Explaining that they made long-term planning after coach Bülent Uygun took office, Karagöl said:

“This season, we set the goal of being 5th in the European Conference League. Going to the Turkish Cup was a tiring process for us, we made our efforts, but we had to be eliminated from the cup due to the shortage of staff. We are implementing all the plan and project we drew at the beginning of January. Hopefully “In the next period, we have become a complete team with new transfers, the work of the technical staff and the efforts of our football players.”


Stating that Sivasspor Club President Mecnun Otyakmaz had very serious concerns during the first process of Passolig and that these concerns turned out to be correct in the current process, Karagöl continued as follows:

“We are discussing the issue with Passolig, other affiliates and the Clubs Association. In other words, we are thinking of not continuing the process with Passolig, and we told them this. But in the developing situations and events, the common denominator of the clubs and what path will be followed will be revealed in the coming days. Passolig clubs “Whether he will take it to court or not is up to Passolig. We have done our part so far. I don’t think we are getting the income we deserve from Passolig.”

Karagöl stated that broadcasting revenues decreased from 500 million dollars to 80-90 million dollars, and added that these revenues should be increased for the development of Turkish football.