Sivasspor’s Bülent Uygun reproaches the fans: Stop giving advice!

Sivasspor Coach Bülent Uygun reproached the fans who criticized the team’s game system and said, “Stop giving advice now. Buy combinations, okay. Even send 1 million Euros each. Let’s buy football players with them. You will throw them away from the keyboard like that and hold them from there.”

Sivasspor started preparations for the match it will play against Pendikspor on Sunday, February 25, in the 27th week match of the Trendyol Super League. Coach Bülent Uygun made statements before the training. Uygun, who started his speech by evaluating the Hatayspor match in which they drew, said, “We wanted to win against Hatay. We also knew that they were a good team. We tried to take our positions and stance accordingly, but there were parts where we played well. Sometimes there were moments when we fell out of the game. As a result, if you cannot win away, it is always important not to lose.” “It’s good. It’s a pleasure for us to come back with 1 point,” he said.


Evaluating the match they will play against Pendikspor at the weekend, Uygun said, “At home, with the support of our own audience, which I want to see with 10 thousand people in the stands now. The weather has become nice. The hours are very convenient. I think it is time to come to the match. We need support very much. We need unity very much. “We will play with a very good team like Pendik. During the half-time, they transferred 8-9 very high-quality football players who made their mark in our league, by paying very significant transfer fees. That’s why a difficult match awaits us. At our own home, in front of our own audience, God willing.” “Hopefully, we want to win with the permission of . By winning, we want to at least climb upwards as soon as possible. For this, we want to do our best and hopefully be the winning side,” he said.


A press member asked, “What is the current situation in the team and the injured?” In response to the question, Uygun said, “We have only one injury, Koita. Apart from him, the others do not have any problems with injuries. Everyone has started training. Our new friends have now adapted to both the weather and the team. Maybe we will see all three of them on the field this week. Anyway.” “2 of them have been playing since their arrival, so we can be on the field in the Pendik match with our 5 new transfers. This is a pleasing thing for us. Apart from that, we do not have any significant injuries or problems. Koita will strengthen us when he joins us.”


Reminding that he will return to the bench in 3 weeks, Uygun said, “Yes, we are going back again. Sometimes such things happen in football. Anyway, we got the punishment. They did too, in short, we want to finish the league without being punished. Of course, we all make mistakes. It is not without mistakes. Whether it is with ulterior motives or otherwise.” The championship is a different struggle in an environment where the league is nearing its end without seeing anything. When you look at the relegation pot, you know that everyone sees that all teams are close to each other, especially all the teams after the first 8. That’s why it has become very difficult. Everyone is fighting well and having a good fight. “The administration is waiting. May it be good for our country,” he said.


Finally, Uygun gave the following answer to the question about his understanding of tactical gaming:

“Now, I actually look at those who give advice on social media and do those things. Is this the way to play games? Is it like this? Let me give you a tip. When we went to the Champions League, we, as Sivasspor, had a pass percentage of 350. Kasımpaşa had 650. The result? That season, Kasımpaşa was relegated? We went to the Champions League. Yes, we play whatever the playing system of the squad at hand, the positions in the team allow, and whatever the opponent needs. First of all, the system we play is not a 5-man system, but a 3-man system. 3 -A system like 4-3. This is a very offensive format. Now stop giving advice. Buy combinations, okay. Even send 1 million Euros each. Let’s buy football players with them. You will throw them away from the keyboard like that. You will catch them from there. This is how it happened. . It happened like this. For God’s sake, don’t make me laugh. I don’t want to shake too much, then it won’t happen. The fans will take their place in the stands and support their team. What is important for us is that we try to do whatever is necessary on the field that day. Due to the structure of our squad, when there are friends who leave, they are the friends we add later. We were also thinking of other men. We are in a game plan that needs to be played according to these and the opponent. Sivasspor needs support and prayers right now. Let’s look at the new season. The game system also changes. Game logic changes. Many things change. Instead of playing open and eating 5, he plays closed. I’ll win 1-0 and that’s it. We conceded one goal in the last 5 matches. What more do you want?”


The training held at Governor Lütfullah Bilgin Sivasspor Facilities under the management of Coach Bülent Uygun and his assistants lasted 1 hour and 30 minutes. The training started with running and continued with warm-up and balance exercises. Yiğidolar then practiced passing and played a double-goal match in the last part. Sivasspor will continue its preparations for the Pendikspor match with the training it will hold tomorrow.