Sister of missing 9-year-old boy fears kidnapping | 1Limburg

The sister of the missing Gino van der Straeten (9) is distraught now that her brother is missing from Kerkrade. “We think he was taken.”

Police are considering a crime but are not ruling out other options, a spokeswoman said.

No explanation
The boy was last seen on Wednesday evening between 19:30 and 20:30 at a playground on Hertogenlaan and Zonstraat. The police sounded the alarm because no explanation can be found for Gino’s disappearance.

Sister Kelly (32) says emotionally that they searched for him all night. “We’ve also been screaming. During the time we’ve been looking for him, he shouldn’t be far away.” According to her, the boy lives with his mother in Maastricht. He has been staying with her in Kerkrade for a week, because their mother is ill and the father is out of the picture. Kelly is a mother of two small children herself. She would soon be given custody of Gino.

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black scooter
The child is 1.30 m tall and is wearing a red jacket with black sleeves from Jordan brand, light jeans and green shoes with white soles. He also wears a red Nike cap. Gino probably has a black scooter with red handles and red stickers on it

Drones deployed
The police are now looking for Gino with, among other things, a helicopter. Drones have also been deployed. The police are also hoping for images from cameras in doorbells. The police have now also informed the German police. Kerkrade is located on the German border. Flyers are also being distributed in the area to keep an eye out for the boy.

Police want to get in touch with an adult who was at the playground with three children around 6:30 p.m., according to a witness. “They may know more about the boy’s whereabouts,” the police wrote.

Full of emotion, Sister Kelly makes a call. “If you see a very sweet little man, blond and blue eyes, please call the police. Please,” she begs.