Sinan Kaloğlu after the Eyüspor match: A match should definitely not be played on that ground

In the 22nd week match of Trendyol 1st League, Gençlerbirliği lost against Eyüpspor away with a score of 2-0. After the match, Gençlerbirliği Coach Sinan Kaloğlu made a statement at the press conference. Kaloğlu, who started his speech by congratulating Eyüpspor for getting 3 points, said, “Actually, the game started the way we wanted. In the first 10 minutes, we wanted to change the direction of the game and go to the edges and find a position from the middle. We were actually successful in this. We could have taken the lead in the first 10 minutes. Unfortunately, they conceded a goal with a positional error. We took positions. We panicked a little against our opponent in the first half. We tried to get the ball off our feet quickly. With the changes after the half-time, we brought the ball down a little more. We took more risks. Especially in the last 30 minutes, we turned to almost 3 strikers. Unfortunately, we could not show that skill fully in front of the goal. . It didn’t happen the way we wanted. Normally, I don’t talk much about the referees. But in this match, there was a move made against Yasin in the first half. I wonder what needs to happen for it to be a penalty. There is a very obvious foul that everyone sees. Incredibly, there is a penalty that was not given. Frankly, I’m surprised. It would be better if the referee friends were a little more careful. Eyüpspor is the strongest and the team with the biggest budget in this league. Of course, I don’t want to overshadow their victory. I think referees should be a little more fair. These matches are much more important matches. Because the length of the matches until the end of the season has become shorter. Every match is very important, they need to be much more careful. I continue to be proud of my players. They fight very well in difficult conditions. We will rise above our current position. We play with our opponents every week due to fixtures. 3,4 days ago we played a match with Trabzonspor that lasted 140 minutes. This was not easy either. There was a tired team. Okay, we’ll look ahead. We will learn our lessons from this match. I am especially pleased with the game played in the second half and the fight of my players.


When asked about his thoughts on the ground of Eryaman Stadium, which has been on the agenda lately, Sinan Kaloğlu said, “A match should definitely not be played on that ground. We paid the loss for this by tearing the cruciate ligaments of one of our best players in the Çorum FK match. Unfortunately, the field is not suitable. I think it should not be played there. Footballer We need to think about his health. We have already suffered one injury. We do not have much depth in the squad anyway. As I said, I do not know when the field will be ready. I do not know what kind of maintenance is done. But I think we have lost our field this year. At least we have lost our field these days. Now the officials “He will make that decision, but I think there is no field suitable for football there,” he replied.