Simple victory for Blauw-Wit over difficult-scoring Groen Geel

Blauw-Wit has won the ‘colour derby’ against Groen Geel. In Wormer the Amsterdam team were too strong with 19-13. Blauw-Wit’s victory was never in danger, because the gap was quickly opened.

In a sloppy first half, the home team in particular failed to score. Moreover, both teams had a lot to say about the refereeing duo, which caused frustration for both teams. This did not improve the level of the match.

For example, Groen Geel only scored four goals before half-time. Scoring didn’t go smoothly for Blauw-Wit either, but it was still somewhat easier than for Groen Geel. The visitors from Amsterdam thus distanced themselves, creating a difference of five goals. Halfway through it was 9-4 in favor of Blauw-Wit.

After the break, Groen Geel managed to recover somewhat. Mady Tims’ team did start, but too many things continued to go wrong in an attacking sense. Blauw-Wit could lean on the lead and didn’t do anything crazy. Lindsy Krop, who played for Groen Geel last year, was important with a number of goals and Frank Mostard also took his team by the hand by striking at the right moments. Blauw-Wit no longer saw its lead in danger and ultimately achieved a comfortable 13-19 victory.

Blauw-Wit now has four points from three games. We find Groen Geel in the lower regions of the Korfball League and have so far only collected one point.