Simeone, on the expulsion of De Paul: “We can’t do anything”

10/26/2023 at 00:15


“We must respect the referee’s decisions,” said the Atlético coach after the match against Celtic

“I stick with the team’s performance, which in the second half played a game to win,” said Cholo.

Diego Simeonecoach of Atlético de Madrid, assessed this Wednesday, after the draw against Celtic in the Champions League (2-2), that his team “played a game to win” in the second half, after speaking at half-time, ” and this is the way to go” in this competition.

“I stick with the team’s performance, which in the second half played a game to win. In the first half, they started better, they found the goals in their first two shots that settled the game so that we, in the first half, were not able to play as we wanted,” he said in statements to ‘Movistar’ from Celtic Park.

“We talked at halftime and in the second half they played the game that had to be played, with courage, with hierarchy, with attacks, with goal situations… We could have won with that one from Correa. They did not create a dangerous situation throughout the second half, a team that is very fast, that works very well in space. I’m leaving with a game that I liked from the team,” he continued.

“They teamed up very well on the sides, perhaps more on our left side than on the right. They played that part of the game that we knew was going to happen, those 20 intense minutes. The goal came, we tied, the second goal came. ..”, he added.

In the second half, Marcos Llorente and Ángel Correa came on “very well” in the offensive part in the last stretch of the game.. “Riquelme had a very good second half, with a fast player in that sector that in the first half we suffered a little. I’m left with the fact that the team had a good second half and that this is the way to follow in the Champions League,” he added.

Simeone did not value the expulsion of Rodrigo de Paul, in the 83rd minute for two yellow cards: “Do not give an opinion about something that we cannot do anything about. The referee interpreted that it was a yellow play and respect the referee’s decisions”.

And he talked about the scoring streak of Antoine Griezmann, with eight goals in the last seven games, and Álvaro Morata, who has scored twelve goals in fourteen duels this season between the national team and his club. “They are fine, we have to accompany them and they come surrounded by the fact that the team generates that game for them so that they can get in front of the goal,” he said.