Simeone and the 100 million from Atletico: why it’s not true

The Argentine coach will sign a renewal with Atletico until 2027. But despite the records and successes with the Madrid club, he has accepted to earn less. Between prizes, bonuses and reasons of the heart, what is true in the numbers

From our correspondent Filippo Maria Ricci


– madrid (spain)

Love continues. Diego Pablo Simeone and Atletico Madrid, happily linked since Christmas 2011, almost 12 years ago, will remain united until 2027. At least. The coach who changed the history of the club is ready to renew his agreement with the club with which he won as a player and coach, which expires in June 2024. Natalia Simeone, lawyer, sister and representative of the Cholo, was at the Metropolitano in recent days and the basis of the agreement was identified. Simeone will earn less, but given that he now has a very significant salary, the reduction will still keep him in a decidedly high salary range.