Terhi-Marie and Petteri from Lohja receive bad news in the series.

    Petteri doesn’t want to move, but Terhi-Marie does. Anne presents them with possible new homes. Four

    People from Lohja Terhi-Marie and Peter will experience a chilling surprise today in the Remppa vai muutto Suomen episode, which can already be found on Ruudu.

    Marko Paananen renovate their 300-square-meter log house as best you can with the given budget. It will be 70,000 euros at first, but then it will increase by another ten tons. First of all, it renews the house’s heating and damp spaces. There will also be more storage space with a bargain.

    The end result is great, and that’s why the new value of the home is jaw-dropping.

    Terhi-Marie and Petteri will get a completely new bathroom and the sauna will also be renovated. Four

    When Terhi-Marie and Petteri bought the house 15 years ago, they paid 460,000 euros for it. However, after the 80,000 euro renovation, the price tag is pretty much the same. The couple won’t even get theirs back if they end up selling their home.

    When Anne Ramsay reveals the situation, everyone just sits quietly in place. The freezing silence is finally broken by Anne, who hurries to explain why this happened.

    – The energy issue really affects today’s market situation. At the moment, you can get a new house with geothermal heating in Lohja for the same price. The market is a little different from what it was before, he explains.

    The new bathroom will replace the sleeping alcove. The sauna is behind the rightmost wall. Four

    Petteri tells the cameras afterwards that the price estimate does affect their decision. There are also many fond memories associated with the home and its swimming pool.

    Petteri especially falls in love with the new bathroom, which no longer has a laundry service. Four

    Remppa or move to Finland today on Nelose at 20:00 & Ruudu. See all TV programs and broadcast times in Telku’s TV guide.