On a daily basis, professionals use images in all their projects: client presentation, website creation, publication on social networks… In some cases, it is necessary to resize them. This is a simple task that is sometimes more complex than expected. Very often, the quality of the image deteriorates during compression and the result is clearly not optimal. Fortunately, there are free tools like Shrink.media to easily resize images while maintaining good quality.

    A free and practical tool

    The tool is easy to learn and resizing images only takes a few seconds. Just drag the photo you want on the main page of Shrink.media. It is also possible to use the “Upload Image” button or to copy-paste a URL. The chosen image must be a maximum size of 5000px and must not exceed 25 MB. Four different formats are supported by the tool: PNG, JPEG, JPG or WEBP.

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    illustration shrink mediaillustration shrink media

    Image quality remains intact. Illustration: Shrink.media.

    To resize your image, you must use the two cursors of the tool. The first is used to define the quality that must be preserved during compression, while the second is used to determine the dimensions of the content. Once all the characteristics are indicated, the image is resized immediately. If the result is not adequate, it is possible to readjust its criteria, again using the sliders. Note that you can directly indicate the desired width and length.

    Shrink.media indicates how much the image now weighs, its dimensions and expresses the compression that has been performed as a percentage. Just click on the “Download” button to download the photo. It can then be used on social networks, in a project or on a platform. Optimizing the size and weight of your images is essential to improve the loading speed of your website, and thus offer a smoother user experience.

    Shrink.media is a totally free tool. It is available on desktop. To use it on mobile, it is recommended to obtain the application, which can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store.