should RTL also stop Love Island?

RTL has reluctantly pulled the plug on Temptation Island. Well, for now. But is the entire genre of seduction TV still possible? Or should Love Island also end?


There is a huge fuss about Temptation Island. After years and years, everyone has finally agreed that it is disgusting and tasteless that RTL is trying to destroy love relationships for the viewing figures. Two suicide attempts and a compensation of 30 thousand euros later, this seduction program is just that on hold put.

Love Island exit?

But is this kind of unethical television still possible in this day and age? Media critic Victor Vlam doesn’t think so. “I actually think that RTL has no choice but to just stop this entire genre. I’m not just talking about Temptation Island, but also about a program like Love Island, which is quite similar in design.”

RTL’s TV boss Peter van der Vorst simply cannot afford to continue this, Victor says in the program Dit is de Dag op NPO Radio 1. “You really need to get that off the air.”


Isn’t this just somewhat tacky TV entertainment? That should be possible, right? “No. The viewer cannot trust that what they see is not terribly damaging to the people it affects. It is presented as a kind of soap opera with a lot of drama and a lot of arguing, but it is about real people who experience real consequences.”

Victor continues: “It is deliberately designed to destroy relationships. It is a combination of a very sadistic approach plus a very manipulative production. It actually comes together to create an ultimate situation that just has terrible consequences for people.”


Just because things go wrong on Temptation Island doesn’t mean that things go wrong on Love Island, right? Victor adds in his podcast The Communicados: “I think if there are problems with Temptation Island, there is a very good chance that there are similar problems with Love Island. This genre is just infected at the moment.”

What does RTL think? They do not want to respond, says co-host and communications expert Lars Duursma. “We asked RTL for a response about Love Island, but they certainly don’t want to talk about that.”

30 thousand euros

One thing is certain: if RTL tries to buy off candidates from Temptation Island with 30,000 euros, then you know that things are going wrong, Victor concludes on NPO Radio 1. “Of course, 30,000 euros is not paid just like that. That is an extremely high amount. We have also discussed it with personal injury lawyers.”

What do they say? “They say: ‘Normally these kinds of amounts are paid if someone is shot dead in front of you and you are left with PTSD.’ Then you might pay 30 thousand. The fact that RTL pays for this without legal action indicates that there are abuses behind the scenes and that there is actual evidence for this.”