Is there light on the horizon for home seekers yet? That is still the question if you look at the level of the housing shortage. It also remains an issue in Zoetermeer. But in some surrounding municipalities it is completely barren and angry.

    Nationally, there is a 390,000 housing shortage, according to the new Atlas for Municipalities. This means that the housing shortage is much higher than indicated by the Ministry of the Interior: 110,000 addresses more. With these figures, the housing crisis may not be resolved until 2030.

    Housing pressure and housing shortage

    The researchers expressed the level of the housing shortage in terms of housing pressure. This number represents the number of households that would queue for every 100 homes. Is the number higher than a hundred? Then there is not a house available for every home seeker. The lower the number, the easier it is to find a suitable home.

    Housing shortage in Zoetermeer

    What about Zoetermeer? Here too, housing pressure is high. According to the research, the housing pressure in Zoetermeer is 103. This means that three households are on hold for 100 homes. That is not good, but in some municipalities in our area it looks worse. In Leidschendam-Voorburg the queue consists of 52 households, in Rijswijk, in Pijnacker Nootdorp 44 and in Zoeterwoude 67.

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    New construction projects in Zoetermeer

    It is clear that house seekers do not have it easy in Zoetermeer. Fortunately for them, some places in the city are being built. In the coming four years, 3,000 additional homes will be built in our city, according to the coalition agreement. It concerns more flexible housing for starters, status holders and urgent seekers. Extra attention is paid to the elderly, people with care needs, starters and families who want to grow further.

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