Shortage of professionals increases in Drenthe by 10 percent

The demand for people in practical professions has increased in Drenthe, according to figures from employment agency Randstad. In May there were 5,400 vacancies for practical professions, which is ten percent more than a year earlier.

Practical professions refer to jobs where you use your hands to practice your profession and where human skills are indispensable and cannot be automated. Many of these professions have a social function, such as in healthcare or energy transition.

“Without craftsmanship, our labor market and society will come to a standstill,” says Werner Klaassen, director of Randstad. “Technology such as artificial intelligence can do a lot and help us become more productive. But it cannot install a heat pump or mount solar collectors on roofs. We should therefore be prouder of craftsmanship and encourage more people to consider a practical profession.”

The largest increase in vacancies was seen among employees who can operate production machines. The demand for these professionals was 84 percent higher than in May last year. The demand for electricians and technicians in industry and mechanical engineering increased by more than a quarter. The number of vacancies for lorry drivers, carpenters and pedagogical staff has fallen.