Short Maria’s speech silenced Yle’s newsroom: “The cold shivers went away”

Maria Sipar had something important to say.

Maria Sipari did a great skiing performance. Mikko Huisko

From Lappeenranta Maria Sipari33, gave Yle’s TV viewers a heavy speech at Linna’s party.

Sipari got an invitation to Linna, when he was the first to ski a full-length Finlandia ski as a short person. The distance is 62 kilometers. The skier himself is 130 centimeters tall.

Finlandia skiing is a traditional competition that has been held since 1974. It has also been aimed at by many of Finland’s top skiers.

It was reported in Yle’s broadcast that Sipari would not necessarily have participated in the race himself, but his friends secretly announced him to the starting line. It was a good decision from them, because Sipari surpassed itself.

– I want to encourage you! Don’t compare yourself to others. Don’t compare your appearance, go ahead and push forward in your life. Take the right friends by your side, Sipari said on Yle.

– Life is a unique gift. Believe in your dreams and boldly go towards them. Pray and believe and you will see what happens in life.

Host of Yle Jussi-Pekka Rantanen reacted to the speech with surprise.

– I got chills here in the newsroom when I listened to these motivational speeches, Rantanen said.

Nasty talk

Sipari has previously told, for example For Seura magazinehow his short stature has been treated in a disgusting way.

The rest of his family is of normal growth, but Sipar has a gene mutation.

In preschool, the doctor told the girl to her face that she would not be able to do well in a normal school.

– The doctor’s words hurt and confused me. I wondered why on earth I couldn’t do well in a regular school. At the same time, the words sank in. I decided that I will go exactly where the others go, Sipari told Seura.

Jari Saario and Käärijä went to the bool together. Elle Laitila