Shopkeeper fills shop window with leopard print: “Offended? Absolutely not”

That presenter Lex Uiting called Purmerend the city of leopard print, Noppes Kringloopwinkel has humorously converted into action: the entire shop window is now full of them. “I don’t feel offended,” says Soraya van Noppes. “This print is timeless.”

NH News / Mischa Korzec

In fact, Soraya is completely dressed in the print. Jacket, shoes and earrings. “More than half of my wardrobe is leopard print or black,” she says. And many prints are brought and bought in the second-hand shop.

RTL Boulevard presenter Lex Uiting made a comment about the inhabitants of Purmerend last weekend. He said: “A leopard print is a bit Purmerend, isn’t it?” There is a massive response to how he thinks about the Purmerenders. But they are not really offended.

“Purmerenders be like: Proud to be wrong”

Soraya van de Noppes in Purmerend

“It’s always a popular print,” says Soraya. The shop window is full of clothing with the cat-like prints and there is also a poster: ‘Purmerenders be like: Proud to be wrong’. “And of course a panther heart to encourage the Purmerenders.”

According to the Soraya, it is absolutely not wrong to wear the print. “It’s timeless.” She also does not think that Uiting should apologize. “I would like it if he might respond. But this is such an innocent statement. Don’t think anyone takes that seriously.”

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