Shocking rally death in New Zealand

Only a 15-year-old rally driver died.

Death happened again in the rally. Illustration picture. PDO

Sad news came from New Zealand on Sunday, when a 15-year-old rally driver Brooklyn Horan and his cart Tyson Jemmett35, died in a rally race. The New Zealand Herald newspaper reported on the matter.

According to the police investigation, the car derailed from an unpaved road into a flooded river. According to the police, the safety equipment of the rally car probably slowed down the two getting out of the car.

– Tragically, they couldn’t get out of the car. The car remained below the surface.

President of the New Zealand Motorsport Association Wayne Christie stated that the union will start a thorough investigation. According to Christie, the road was not in poor condition or impassable.

The association has increased the participation requirements for 12-15 year olds and has tightened the license requirements for junior drivers. In addition, the association has set restrictions on, among other things, what kind of cars they can drive.

The rally winner was shocked

The accident has shocked the motorsport community in New Zealand.

New Zealander Hayden Paddon, who celebrated the victory of the World Rally Championship in his career, sent his condolences in the message service X.

– Brooklyn Horan was one of the most exciting young rally talents on his way to great achievements. Tyson was a big rally fan and a family man, Paddon wrote on his account.

If the embed is not visible on your device, you can watch it from here.

– Brooklyn had so much talent and a big future was waiting for him. I’m sure he would have made it to the end. You were one of the nicest and most humble young men I have ever met, Paddon continued on his Instagram account.

Horan’s team Hodgson Motorsport said everyone will remember his smile.

– Brooklyn, you were an incredible, kind, loving, happy child.

Horan was considered a promising rally driver in New Zealand. In addition to rallying, Jemmett worked at the media organization Stuff with his wife Lucy’s with.

– He was an avid motorsport enthusiast, Stuff’s website recalls.

Rally deaths are quite rare, but many still remember the death of WRC driver Craig Breen. Breen drove out a little over a year ago in the World Rally Championship test in Croatia.

Breen, 33, suffered fatal injuries when the car crashed into a wooden fence. A piece of the fence penetrated the car. Hyundai said after the accident that a piece of the fence had come through the car window.