Shirin David falls while shooting in Berlin – hospital!

“The Voice” judge Shirin David at the premiere of “Nightlife” in February 2020 Photo: dpa picture alliance

By John Puthenpurackal

New juror Shirin David (28) fell badly while filming the new season of “The Voice” in the studio in Berlin-Adlershof! According to BILD information, the incident happened on Tuesday afternoon.

According to production staff, the successful singer wanted to go from the dressing room to the studio via the stairs. Suddenly she slipped on a step and fell down the stairs.

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Dazed, Shirin David lay there.

Paramedics rushed to the scene of the accident and treated her. Then off to the hospital!

Shirina David is doing well, according to the production staff “is holding up bravely and can now laugh again”.


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