Geraldine Kemper is under heavy fire. There are suspicions that she makes up her spicy adventures for image and pr-technical reasons. “She just wants attention.”

    © Nick van Ormondt

    You would think that Geraldine Kemper, as a 33-year-old woman, has long left her puberty BNN time behind, but she still feels the urge to jump out of the band. She tells all kinds of tall stories about spicy escapades, but Private boss Evert Santegoeds doubts her credibility.

    Strong stories

    Evert finds Geraldine’s stories strange. “The other day she was drunk, she was throwing up in a porch – according to her – and then the door of that porch opened as she sat there throwing up. And then she did it with the man who lived there. Yes, that was indoors of course. That sour air stayed outside. All those things happen to her.”

    Now the RTL 4 presenter gets the media with a story about intimacy in the ski lift. She would have done it with her boyfriend in a gondola. “Normally there are eight people in there, now they just happened to be in it with two and in the six minutes it takes to get up, they stripped completely and did it.”

    Weird girl

    That is very clever, says Evert cynically. “They gave all those skis a whirl, they got dressed all over again and then they came up. (…) Then you’re stuck with your double underwear and ski suit. I don’t believe any of it at all. And if it’s true, I’m glad it wasn’t a gondola in Venice.”

    It does not benefit Geraldine’s credibility, he thinks. “What a silly girl she really is. He always has those weird stories. (…) Yes, and then we will say what we believe.”


    Bram Moszkowicz doesn’t understand why Geraldine feels the need to do this anyway. to share with everyone. “Why do I need to know this? Why is she telling that?”

    Evert: “Yes, I don’t know. Because she wants attention for her podcast, I think. If that really happened, I assume you also take a picture of it.”

    Studio guest Jack Plooij: “Six minutes. That’s not possible at all, right? Hey? Off, unzip, open.”

    Iris van Lunenburg doesn’t believe it either. “You still have your pully on, still thermal clothing. No…”

    Evert: “Just like that porch story… I keep my doubts.”