Sharing love and peace with his wife Çağlar Ökten from Seda Sayan

Seda Sayan, who got married to the musician Çağlar Ökten, who is 25 years younger than her, about three months ago, cannot get enough of sharing her happiness. The famous singer, who went on a holiday in Amsterdam with his wife and close friends after the wedding, preferred Paris for their honeymoon.


Seda Sayan, who was not on the agenda with her aesthetics as well as her private life, went to the operating table again. Sayan, accompanied by his wife Çağlar Ökten, shared those moments on his social media account. While Çağlar Ökten had a hair transplant, Seda Sayan had her silicones renewed. Thousands of comments rained on Seda Sayan’s post.


Seda Sayan (59), who often shares her happiness poses with her followers, celebrated the new age of her husband Çağlar Ökten, who turned 35. The famous singer, who published photos one after the other, said to his post; She had dropped the note “Happy birthday to you. Welcome to my life, darling”.

Sayan, who shared a post from the stories section of Instagram, said that his wife Ökten’s “Happy birthday, I love your smile. He shared the photo of “Welcome to my life” with the evil eye bead and heart emoji.


Sayan had met with his mother-in-law and father-in-law, who could not attend their wedding in the past weeks. Sayan, who went to Mersin, also met Artur, the son of Çağlar Ökten. Sayan posted the photos taken from the visit on his social media account.

Seda Sayan shared her photo with her mother-in-law Hicran Ökten on her Instagram account with the note ‘My Canım Hico’.


The famous singer, who actively uses his social media account, finally shared his holiday pose with his followers. Seda Sayan, who is on holiday abroad with Ökten, shared; She dropped the note “Peace, love”.

The famous name, who also published a similar image in the stories section of his Instagram account, called his younger wife Çağlar Ökten “My dear”.


Speaking about the news that her husband Çağlar Ökten will not use her surname, Seda Sayan said, “She was misunderstood, they were even getting divorced and it was even written that I left the house. There is no such thing. In fact, the documents need to be changed. I have said before that I will use my own surname. “Women have the right to use their own surname. If I take my wife’s surname, many documents will be changed, this requires many procedures, I do not have time to deal with these things. There has been no surname quarrel between husband and wife. The man is in my life. I will be a victim of his surname.” had used the words.